Augmented Reality

To put it as simply as possible, augmented reality is when the 3D model of something is projected or overlaid on the physical world that surrounds us. In other words, you can see a high-quality and user-friendly miniature model of any 3D model(real estate property, anatomical bone, food, furniture, character) resting on your desk, kind of like a holograph.

With augmented reality applications, you can add animations or use it in a way to tell stories and give detailed information about your project. So not only can you visualize the project from a god’s eye point of view, but you can also create a more intricate presentation for your investors and customers. It’s not just an image or a blueprint, it’s a fully realized project.

In near future we will provide solutions for holographic glasses Microsoft Hololens and Meta2

See how you can use augmented reality in your industry: Real Estate, Architecture, Furniture, Hotels, Interior Design and Education.

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